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Thank you for visiting Superstar Numbers Ltd

Please note the terms and conditions of using our website, these terms and conditions have legal obligations, and by accessing, viewing, and using our website you are agreeing without limitation or qualification to be bound by these terms and conditions...


“Website”, means Superstar Numbers Ltd internet website

“Us”, “We”, “Our”, means Superstar Numbers Ltd

“You”, means yourself, the individual representing yourself, or your business, or your company, or your organisation

Superstar Number”, means the personalised mobile number, this includes our: bronze numbers, silver numbers, gold numbers, and diamond numbers which we have previously sold, and which we have available to sell

Network Provider”, means a telecommunications company, that provide telecommunication services which are required for a mobile phone to operate

Mobile Phone”, means a telecommunications device, this using telecommunication services allows to make and receive calls and send and receive text messages

SIM Card”, means subscriber identity module, this is a small card holding a chip that goes into a mobile phone allowing use using data held including its mobile number

PAC”, means porting authorisation code, this is a unique code that upon being instructed to is generated by a network provider to then allow another network provider to transfer a mobile number

1) User Conduct:

1.1: By using our website you are agreeing to comply by our terms and conditions, and any applicable laws

1.2: You are acknowledging that any violations of these may be investigated by us and we may involve law enforcing authorities in prosecuting regarding this

1.3: You must agree not to advocate or encourage conduct by posting, transmitting, linking, or distributing any information, content, or materials and software which contains viruses, worms, cancel bots, trojan horses or any similar that can cause damage and destruction, and not to constitute a criminal offence or increase civil liability by using our website in anyway which is not in line with the law or which would prohibit or restrict other users from using our website

1.4: We reserve the right to decline posting material or removing material from our website, you will indemnify us against any costs, expenses, losses, and liabilities which we have incurred or suffered, all damages awarded against us under judgement by a court of jurisdiction and all settlement sums paid by us as a result of any settlement agreed by us arising from or in connection with any claim made by a third party that the use of our website by you is defamatory, offensive, abusive, illegal, or constitutes a breach of policy, regulation, or applicable law, any claim by any third party that the use of our website by you infringes that third party’s copyright or other intellectual property rights of any nature, and any penalties and fines imposed by any advertising, trading body, or authority in connection with the use of our website by you

2) Website Availability:

2.1: We offer the best service possible but we cannot always assure that our website will meet and suit everyone’s requirements, our website is managed and maintained on a daily basis to ensure it operates to the highest standards, and should you feel any part that is not then any reports regarding this can be made to use by you

3) Amendments Of The Website: 3.1: We reserve the right to add, remove, change, and modify parts of our website and also its terms and conditions at our discretion as when we feel it is required,
after we have done any such amendments you by using our website are agreeing to this, please check for amendments regularly during your continued use of our website 4) Website Liability:

4.1: Our website should be used by you keeping in mind of the risks associated with using the internet such as security risks that can be caused by transmitting information by for example sending and receiving emails, we cannot provide any guarantee regarding this

4.2: We always attempt keeping all information on our website as accurate as possible however we cannot assure that the information acquired by our website is accurate and complete and that you accessing our website will be uninterrupted and that any errors in the information will be corrected but we will endeavour to correct any such errors as soon as possible once we have been notified, we may change, suspend, or discontinue areas of the website which may include information, content, and features with no notice or liability, third party rights with exception for our own affiliates and representatives, has no right under the UK contracts right of third party acts 1999 to enforce any term of this agreement, this does not affect any right of a third party that exists apart from this act

5) Availability Of Superstar Numbers:

5.1: All superstar numbers shown on our website are in stock and available, in the unlikely event there can be occasions where we will be unable to provide a specific superstar number

6) Prices Of Superstar Numbers:

6.1: We set the prices of our superstar numbers based on their combination type, the more rare and unique the combination is the more higher the value and price, the price set for each superstar number is the payable price for the order

6.2: In the unlikely event if we have set a price incorrectly then we will not be providing the superstar number to you at that price, you will be notified as soon as possible and we will inform you of the correct price where you can then decide whether or not to order at that price 7) Using Your Superstar Number:

7.1: The usage or non-usage is the responsibility of you once purchased from us, How you use and the purpose for using is your responsibility,

we are not liable for any issues that occur between you and the network provider you are using your Superstar Number with, both for postpay (pay monthly) and prepay (pay as you go) please be aware of this

7.2: For postpay (pay monthly) please be aware of your charges and bills, anything you are unsure of must be clarified with your network provider by you,

7.3: For prepay (pay as you go) please be aware that although a non billing service these network providers may terminate your line and your Superstar Number may get cancelled by them if you are not using regularly enough, anything you are unsure of must be clarified with your network provider by you

8) Activation Your Superstar Number

8.1: We hold the superstar numbers on SIM cards which are in our details for security, the network provider each superstar number is on is usually based on our preferred choices of network providers

8.2: When placing your order you have the choice to let us know which network provider you would like to use your superstar number on and whether postpay (contract) or prepay (pay as you go), we would put the ownership into your details and the superstar number will be provided to you 9) Reserving Superstar Numbers:

9.1: We can let you reserve a superstar number, to do this you would just be required to pay 7% of the numbers value as a non-refundable deposit, it will be taken off and put aside for you for 3 working days at which you must complete the purchase by paying the remaining balance or we will then relist the superstar number and you will not be eligible to receive the 7% payment back

10) Orders:

10.1: Any order or orders placed by you through our website is subject to these terms and conditions, it is your responsibility to ensure that the information you give us when placing your order is accurate and correct, we are not obliged to accept your order if the details given to us by you is not accurate and correct, no order or orders will be deemed to be accepted by us till we have confirmed accepting of your order by call or email

10.2: Please note the timescale of us providing your order to you can be effected when a port is required, this is when you request us to set up the number to a different network of your choice for you

10.3: we reserve the right to decline any order or orders at our discretion

11) Order Conditions:

11.1: Orders placed by you through our website are subject to these terms and conditions, any other terms and conditions that are expressed and implied by statue are excluded, we offer the best service possible but can not promise that our website will always meet your requirements or always be free from faults, any reports regarding this can be made to use by you

11.2: We reserve to withdraw the selling of our superstar numbers from sale at anytime without notice, our terms and conditions do not affect you statutory rights

12) Payment: 12.1: We offer all the following payment methods: credit and debit cards (via Sagepay), Paypal, bank transfer, cash into our account, personal and business cheques, bankers draft, postal orders, cash on collection and delivery

12.2: The credit and debit card types include all major credit cards such as Visa credit cards, Visa debit cards, Master cards, Maestro cards, and Solo cards, you are consenting to payment being charged to the credit card or debit card account when you make your order choosing this payment method on our website, and by purchasing you warrant that you are majority age in your residence jurisdiction, that you are the card holder of the credit card or debit card being used, and that the information being provided by you on the order is accurate and correct

12.3: If doing payment through the Paypal payment option then please make sure you have a confirmed status address on your Paypal account being used, please refer to Paypals terms and conditions found at www.paypal.com,

12.4: Other payment options include: bank transfer, cash into our account, personal and business cheques, bankers draft, postal orders, cash on collection and delivery,
on submitting your order with any of these payment options selected we will receive your request and contact you back to complete your order

13) Your Warranty:

13.1: You warrant that all details provided by you when making your order is accurate and correct, and that you are the card holder of the credit card or debit card being used for the purchase, and that sufficient funds or sufficient unused limit is available whichever of these applies here to cover the cost of your order

14) Privacy:

14.1: You agree and acknowledge the terms stated in our Privacy policy, by accessing, viewing, and using our website you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions

15) Product Liability:

15.1: Should the superstar number its SIM card we provide you be defective or damaged or if the delivery was incorrect we will have no liability to you unless you notify us of the issue within 5 working days of you receiving your superstar number its SIM card

15.2: Should you not receive the superstar number SIM card then you can notify us of the issue within 35 days of your purchase date, when under this term we are notified our obligation will be and which can be to your option, to resolve any shortage or non delivery, or to repair what is defective or to replace the SIM card that may be damaged, or to recredit you the amount you paid for your purchase in question in a way we choose

15.3: However as precluded law we will not be liable for any damages, expenses and consequential losses occurred by you which have arisen from the issue, we shall have no liability but to pay you the amount you paid us when you made your purchase in question, you must comply with all laws and regulations which can include obtaining permits to purchase superstar numbers from us, please note however certain national laws may prohibit the import and export of superstar numbers and we accept no liability regarding importing and exporting of superstar numbers that you purchase

16) Limitation Of Liability:

16.1: Please note we have no liability for any failing or delay to deliver superstar number SIM card to you that is caused by circumstances or events that are out of our control without limitation such as breakdown of network access, breakdown of systems, strikes, industrial disputes, lock outs, accidents, floods, or fires, under these circumstances if we are prevented from carrying out the obligations then we will notify you, and if we are still prevented from carrying out the obligations 2 weeks from the date the notice was sent, then either you or us can give the other notice and cancel the agreement, should the agreement be cancelled in this way then we accept no liability to compensate you for any loss or consequential loss that has been occurred that has been occurred by you as a cause of this

17) Intellectual Property:

17.1: Copyright 2002, Superstar Numbers Ltd, the information, content, and material on our website including the design in which it is presented are our copyright and all rights reserved, all these are protected by the UK and worldwide copyright laws and provisions that are in place

17.2: Our websites information, content, and material is for you only and which you are given a limited non-transferable licence to display and use on your computer or other accessing device, you must never modify the information, content, and material on our website and must stay in line with the copyright laws and provisions that are in place

18) Your Right To Cancel The agreement:

18.1: This is regarding your purchase from us, please note all sales are final and we do not offer a returns or refund policy, we hold no responsibility if your network provider for whatever reason do not allow you to use your superstar number with them, we recommend you check with the network provider you would like to use your superstar number with prior to making your purchase from us

18.2: We reserve the right to keep the registration of the superstar number in our ownership for a minimal duration only if necessary

19) Our Right To Cancel The Agreement:

19.1: We reserve the right to cancel your agreement between you and us if we do not have available the superstar number you have ordered, or if one or more of the superstar numbers ordered by you was incorrectly typed or priced due to typographical error, should this ever happen we will notify you straight away and fully recredit you, you will however not be liable to receive any compensation or consequential loss claims made to us

20) Entire Agreement:

20.1: The terms and conditions stated here along with (Privacy Policy) and (Security) set the whole of the agreement regarding the using of our website and the providing of superstar numbers by us to you, the terms supersede any prior agreement which may be in existence between you and us, we may not enforce action of any provisions or rights under these terms and conditions, this does not constitute a waiver of any term or provision, the terms are personal to you and should not be assigned to anyone else

20.2: Nothing said by anyone else on our behalf to you should be understood as variations of these terms and conditions or as an authorised representation about the superstar numbers offered on sale by us, for fraud and fraudulent representation, we will have no liability for such representation being misleading and untrue

21) Governing Law:

21.1: Our website and its content is administered, operated, and managed by us, we are based in the UK, we make no representation or warranty that our website is available or is appropriate for use outside the UK, if accessing our website from outside the UK then you are responsible for complying with the country’s laws which you are in

21.2: You may not export any content from our website as you will be in violation of export laws and regulations that apply 21.3: The agreement between you and us shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance to the English law and the English courts shall have jurisdiction to resolve any disputes that may arise between you and us

22) Arbitration:

22.1: Should any claim or dispute arise out of these terms and conditions, your use of our website or your purchase of a superstar number including without limitation the breach, performance, enforcement, existence, or validity of the matters provided in these Terms And Condition which cannot be amicably resolved betweens us, even if one of the parties declares there is a difference, claim, this will be referred to and settled by a private and confidential binding arbitration to the exclusion of courts, this will be held within the UK before a single arbitrator and governed by the English law

22.2: The arbitrator shall be independent to either party who is legally trained and has experiences regarding UK mobile telecommunications, any claim is to be arbitrated on an individual basis and should not be consolidated into any arbitration with any claim or dispute of any other party

22.3: You agree to waive any rights to commence in any class proceedings against us relating to any claim, you also agree to opt out of any class proceedings against us

We reserve the right to pursue the protection of any class proceedings against us, we reserve the right to pursue the protection of intellectual property rights and confidential information through injunction or other equitable relief through the courts

23) Investing: 23.1: Though we point out the benefits a superstar number or superstar numbers can bring from a point of view of investing, please note we are not responsible for and certainty and for any uncertainty regarding this, factors that can increase or decrease the value of a superstar number or superstar numbers such as change in demand, business, and economic climate are not in our control, we hold no liability should you occur any non gain just as we expect no credit should you benefit and gain

24) Ofcom:

24.1: We are regulated by Ofcom which is the Office-of-communications,
They also regulate the network providers, for further information please view their website www.ofcom.org.uk

25) Third Party Websites:

25.1: Our website can include links to other information and websites, this is for convenience reasons and please note we are not responsible for any information, content, and material on any other website other then our own

25.2: You agree that any interactions between you and such third parties through their website including any transactions, purchases, and charges you do is between you and these third parties regarding this

26) Complaints:

26.1: We aim to respond to email queries and letter queries within a 24-hour timescale, you can also call us on 0787 0123456, and sms us on 0787 0123456

In regards to complaints we will consider the nature of the complaint and contact you within 21 days of us receiving the complaint letting you know what we propose to do

27) Notices:

27.1: All notices from us to you will be shown on our website,

27.2: All notices from you to us must be in writing to us:

Superstar Numbers Ltd
P.O Box 15819
Birmingham B31 9DZ

28) Advertising And Sponsorship:

28.1: Areas of our website may contain advertising and sponsorship, should any inaccuracies or errors be found on these advertisements and sponsorships then we hold no responsibilities for this as these are the responsibilities of the advertisers and sponsors

29) Miscellaneous:

29.1: Rights stated on these terms and conditions are for you and you may not pass these to someone else, these constitute the entire agreement between you and us pertaining to your using of our website and purchasing of superstar numbers, this supersedes any prior agreements between you and us, should we fail to enforce performance of any right of these terms and conditions it shall not constitute as a waiver of any right, if any of this is determined to be void, invalid, or otherwise unenforceable by a court of jurisdiction, such determination should not affect the remaining that is stated here

29.2: Please note the superstar numbers offered by us on our website
www.superstarnumbers.com can only be purchased from us via www.superstarnumbers.com and not from any other source

29.3: Please note we reserve the right to amend our Terms And Conditions at any time

30) Contact Details:

30.1: The superstarnumbers.com website is owned and operated by Superstar Numbers Ltd, registered in the UK, registered office based at:
Superstar Numbers Ltd
P.O Box 15819
Birmingham B31 9DZ

Should you have any queries can email us:
call us:0787 0123456
or sms us:0787 0123456
please note for security reasons calls may be recorded

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