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About Superstar Numbers

Superstar Numbers established in 2002...
The first retailer of personalised mobile numbers in
the UK with one main objective which still remains
same today: To provide UK mobile phone users like
you with the best personalised mobile numbers...
Our clients are from everyday individuals, v.i.p
individuals, superstar celebrities, to small and
large businesses, and organisations...

We live in a modern age where image is everything...
We all have to and will always need to use our mobile
phones, and as time passes and technology keeps on
updating so do our mobile phones, but what does
not and will not change is your mobile number...
as you prefer to keep it the same, and move it
with you as and when you change the network

We identified this very early and decided to offer a
service where mobile phone users have the facility to
actually be able to choose their mobile number, your
mobile number is one of the most personal things to
you so why should you not be able to choose it...
Basically we make this happen, we are the best at
this, which has kept us as the UK's leading retailer
for personalised mobile numbers...

Preferences tend to vary with every individual
123456 (Easy for you, your family and friends)
555555 (Can just be your favourite number)
007007 (Or maybe your favourite character)
696969 (A service offered, such as escorting)
247247 (The time your business stays open)
777777 (Your very personal lucky number)
233233 (Match your home or office landline)
911911 (The model of your favourite sports car)
010780 (Or maybe something special to you like
your date of birth, or another very important
date such as a anniversary date, etc...)

The process is as simple as 1-2-3, you choose your
superstar number, purchase it, and we provide &
set it up, and that's it you've then got it for life...

We put your superstar number in your ownership and
help you transfer it to use with a UK network provider
of your choice, either prepay (pay as you go) or
postpay (pay monthly) the choice is yours...
and the great thing is your superstar number is then
yours, whenever you upgrade your mobile phone or
change networks it goes with you through a simple
transfer porting process that's supported by all the UK
network providers and which we help you with as when
you require, can trust that we always do our utmost
giving you a discreet and professional service, and
there's total peace of mind as full lifetime help and
support is provided with your superstar number...