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Q: Are the superstar numbers available for me to purchase:

A: Yes all the superstar numbers offered on our website are available to purchase, soon as a superstar number gets purchased it then is automatically removed

Q: How do I use a superstar number:

A: Superstar numbers can be used on any UK mobile network which include- Orange, O2, 3, T Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and Vodafone, once you have purchased it we help you set it up with the network of your choice whether its prepay (pay as you go) or post pay (pay monthly) and then its all ready for you to use

Q: Can I know the full digits of a superstar number:

A: Yes we only disclose certain digits of superstar numbers for safety and security reasons, also to protect the privacy of their new owner, we do however understand that knowing the full digits can be a deciding factor in purchasing a superstar number and in such cases you are welcome to enquire with us

Q: Can I choose my own superstar number:

A: Yes though we offer a superb selection of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond options should you not find the combination you are looking for feel free to make a request for it and we will try our best to provide it to you

Q: Can I use a superstar number on my existing line:

A: Yes you should, once your have purchased your superstar number you can port it your existing line for which we will provide you a PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) to allow this to be done, we do however advise you check with your existing network provider beforehand to make sure they are okay for you to do this

Q: Has a superstar number been used before:

A: No the superstar numbers we offer are all brand new and unused, you have peace of mind in that there are no reasons to receive nuisance calls or wrong number calls as you will be the first user of the superstar number

Q: How do I purchase a superstar number:

A: As simple as 1-2-3, you choose your superstar number, purchase it, and we provide it, and that’s it you’ve then got it for life The purchase process is simple just choose your superstar number select the purchase tab and then just follow the pages to complete your purchase

Q: Can I reserve a superstar number:

A: Yes we can let you reserve a superstar number, to do this you would just be required to pay 7% of the numbers value as a non-refundable deposit, it will be taken off and put aside for you for 3 working days at which you must complete the purchase by paying the remaining balance or we will then relist the superstar number and you will not be eligible to receive the 7% payment back

Q: Can I purchase a superstar number to use later on:

A: Yes you can purchase a superstar number and request us to supply it you at a later date, just let us know your requirements and we will be able to make this arrangement for you

Q: How do I pay for my superstar number:

A: We offer all the following payment methods: credit and debit cards (via Sagepay), Paypal, bank transfer, cash into our account, personal and business cheques, bankers draft, postal orders, cash on collection and delivery

Q: Are there any additional costs:

A: No the set price you pay for your superstar number is a one-off charge and that’s it you’ve then got it for life, there are no other hidden costs or charges from our behalf

Q: Are there any additional call charges:

A: No there are no additional call charges occurred in order to call or make calls from a superstar number, the network provider call charges are set the same for all UK mobile numbers

Q: How long does it take for me to receive my superstar number:

A: Please note the timescale of us providing your order to you can be effected when a port is required, this is when you request us to set up the number to a different network of your choice for you, otherwise we can dispatch your superstar number to you straight away

Q: Can I get my superstar number sooner:

A: Yes we can offer a speedy service we call the ‘superstar service’ this is where you can have your superstar number up and running on your mobile phone within 1 hour
(Please note however this is also dependant on which network provider you are with which can affect our speed in getting this done for you)

Q: Why should I purchase from Superstar Numbers Ltd:

A: We at Superstar Numbers Ltd are UK’s leading retailer for personalised mobile numbers, since 2002, we offer the best options at the very best prices, with us you get a professional friendly service and full help and support which is given by us throughout the lifetime of you using your superstar number

Q: What happens after I have purchased:

A: We get to work and set up your superstar number for you straight away based on the instructions you have given us on your order, we aim on getting you to use your superstar number as soon as possible

Q: How do I receive my superstar number:

A: This is dependant on what you instruct us in how you would like to use your superstar number, commonly we would supply you your superstar number on its SIM card, or via a PAC (Porting Authorisation Code)

Q: What is a PAC (Porting authorisation code):

A: A PAC is a porting authorisation code, this is a secure unique code to a superstar number which gets issued to allow it to port from one network provider to another, this is commonly used when the new owner of the superstar number wishes to use it with a network provider of their choice on either prepay (pay as you go) or postpay (pay monthly) of their choice

Q: What do I need to do to keep my superstar number running:

A: Once you take ownership of your superstar number its yours, in order to keep it running if its on postpay (pay monthly) you can use it as often or as unoften as you like just keep the monthly line rental payments to your network provider paid,

in order to keep it running on prepay (pay as you go) you are usually required by the network provider to make a chargeable call once in a certain timeframe to keep it running this timeframe varies depending on the network provider and we advise you to check this with them so you are aware

Q: What happens if my mobile phone ever gets lost or stolen:

A: The first thing to do is report this to your network provider asking them to block your SIM card, and should your mobile phone be unrecoverable then you can request your network provider to issue you with a replacement SIM card, as your superstar number will be in your ownership if any such instances were to happen you have the peace of mind that you can have it put back to you

Q: Can I move my superstar number to a different network in the future:

A: Yes once you’ve taken ownership of your superstar number you’ve then got it for life, just remember to inform the store or network provider that’s involved, you can transfer it to use with any UK network provider of your choice, either prepay (pay as you go) or postpay (pay monthly), whenever you upgrade your mobile phone, change your priceplan, or change networks it goes with you through the simple transfer and porting process that’s supported by all the UK network providers

Should you have any queries can email us:
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