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We take the security of all our visitors very seriously, and have high security measures in place to protect your information at all times...


“Website”, means Superstar Numbers Ltd internet website

“Us”, “We”, “Our”, means Superstar Numbers Ltd

“You”, means yourself, the individual representing yourself, or your business, or your company, or your organisation

“Personal information”, means information which identifies you as an individual, in your capacity as a consumer, business customer, or any other capacity when you visit our website

1) Data Protection:

1.1: The information that you provide to us will be automatically stored within our secure computer system database, for the purpose of the Data Protection Act 1998 we need to specify the purposes for which we use this information which is only for legitimate reasons including communicating with you in regards to your dealings with us, by giving us this information you consent that this is okay and we are permitted under the Act to hold and use this information for these purposes specified

1.2: We also confirm that we also comply with the seventh Data Protection Principle under the Act known as Data Security in regards to the information supplied to us by you

2) Superstar Numbers Ltd And Your Security:

2.1: The personal information we be provided by you such as your name, address, contact numbers, email addresses, and payment details, will never be passed to any third parties with exception for if it was ever to be requested by the law

2.2: All communications we receive from you are held in the strictest confidence

2.3: Your identity and personal information remains protected by us at all times, and your information is retained in this secure manner at all times

2.4: We comply by the principles of the data protection act which is set by the government

2.5: For further information please view their website www.businesslink.gov.uk

3) Purchasing Securely Online:

3.1: We have high security measures in place for your security

3.2: Credit card and debit card payments by you on our website are sent over a 128-bit encryption that go through our specified payment gateway

3.3: We have two primary trusted online payment facilities, Sagepay, and Paypal

4) Sagepay:

4.1: Sagepay is a secure and efficient online payment service which allows everyday individuals and business to pay online using their credit cards and debit cards

4.2: Sagepays highly secure fraud control systems carry out stringent checks on every transaction to validate the personal details and authenticity of the payment

4.3: For further information please view their website www.sagepay.com

5) Paypal:

5.1: Paypay is a secure and easy online payment service which allows everyday individuals and business to pay online using their funding source which be their credit cards, debit cards, for bank account

5.2: Paypals method of secure internet payments is being used more widely, And we are a verified member of Paypal as they have checked and verified all of our business details

5.3: For further information please view their website www.paypal.com

6) Other Payment Methods:

6.1: Other payment options include: bank transfer, cash into our account, personal and business cheques, bankers draft, postal orders, cash on collection and delivery,

On submitting your order with any of these payment options selected we will receive your request and contact you back to complete your order

Should you have any queries can email us:
call us:0787 0123456
or sms us:0787 0123456
please note for security reasons calls may be recorded

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