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We respect the privacy of all our visitors
please note the privacy policy so you are aware and understand how when you register, contact us, and make a purchase on our website you then are consenting to this privacy policy...


“Website ”, means Superstar Numbers Ltd internet website

“Us”, “We”, “Our”, means Superstar Numbers Ltd

“You”, means yourself, the individual representing yourself, or your business, or your company, or your organisation

“Personal information”, means information which identifies you as an individual, in your capacity as a consumer, business customer, or any other capacity when you visit our website

1) Your Information That Is Collected:

1.1: The information collected by us from you is through our website, through calls, and from written documentation received from you,

1.2: Information includes your name, address, contact numbers, and email addresses,

1.3: Information recorded by our website which allows recognition of your preferred settings this is recorded on your computer by use of cookies which allow you from re-entering information on return visits to the website by saving it, information regarding your preferences, and your IP Address to monitor the use of our website

1.4: If purchasing and doing payment using your credit card or debit card these payment details get sent through a 128-bit encryption for secure payment

1.5: In order for credit card or debit card transactions to be processed it can be required for the credit card company to verify your personal details for authorisation outside the European Economic Area, any such information will not be transferred out of this area for any other purpose, in some cases we may have to transfer your personal information to countries outside the European Economic Area that may not provide the same level of data protection as the UK if this is ever required then we will put a contract in place beforehand to ensure your personal information is protected under the Data Protection Laws

2) How Your Information Is Used:

2.1: The information we get from you enables us to provide you with access to all areas of our website, and to provide you with services as in information and products as in Superstar numbers, and will allow us to contact you should this be required regarding purchases you have made from us, your information may be analysed and used by us in order to administer, support, and develop our company

2.2: By providing us your details you are agreeing that this is okay, and that we will be able to contact you, any such reasons for contacting you would only be for the reasons stated and to inform you of new information or products that become available that we feel would be of interest to you

3) Information Retention:

3.1: All communications we receive from you are held in the strictest confidence We have high security measures in place to protect your information

3.2: Always in line in providing you a discreet professional service you can be assured that your identity and personal information remains protected by us at all times,

3.3: And your information is retained in this secure manner at all times

4) Disclosure Of Your Information:

4.1: The information we be provided by you such as your name, address, contact numbers, email addresses, and payment details, will never be passed to any third parties with exception for if it was ever to be requested by the law

4.2: And another exception if you were of a business that has since merged or sold to another business then your details may be disclosed to the new business partners or owners

4.3: Aside the points mentioned which you need to be aware of please be assured the information you provide us would never be disclosed, shared, or distributed

5) Your Privacy Rights:

5.1: You can request to have a copy of any information we hold about you, For this you must request in writing to us with your contact details, and a payment of �7 would be required in order to cover administration expenses regarding this

6) Other Websites:

6.1: Our website and the Superstar Numbers offered can only be officially purchased from us

6.2: No other source through any representation or through other websites are whatsoever affiliated with us

6.3: Our Privacy Policy relates to and covers our website only and not any other website

Should you have any queries can email us:
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please note for security reasons calls may be recorded

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